Here we talk about how awesome a razor, a shiny knife is and how excellent it has been for us to work with our awesome clients.  case studies assemble:


An interactive dialogue between world-class art and avant garde cuisine in which we explore the groundbreaking movements of Impressionist and Contemporary artwork.

TAKEAWAY: $98MM in sales.  One squid-ink stained blouse.


We ordered a pizza from every pizzeria in Manhattan to celebrate the 125th anniversary of its discovery.  An ode to Pizza, our muse.

TAKEAWAY: 517 pizza boxes. Glory. 

100 COURSE MEAL for Private Clients

A logistics ballet of elegant food and drink.  A staggering display of interactive culinary performance art.  A highly choreographed spectacle that challenges our understanding of what makes a meal.  

TAKEAWAY: 20 chefs.  1,000 plates.  4 hours.


Lunch on the L Train for a razor, a shiny knife

A 6-course meal of haute cuisine served on a moving subway.  Guerilla marketing as shameless self-promotion. 

TAKEAWAY: International press.  Millions of social media impressions. The world’s introduction to a razor, a shiny knife.

Monopoly Gala for Fundacion Calicanto

A life-sized game of Monopoly for the first charitable gala in Panama.

TAKEAWAY: $500k for local charities.  Friends for years to come.