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LUNCH on the L-Train

On a lovely Sunday afternoon we hosted an elegant meal on the L-Train as it traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

An exercise in creative logistic management and best practices in event production and media capture, our main goal was to create a unique piece of interactive culinary theater and translate it into a compelling piece of multimedia. We harnessed traditional and social media to tell that story around the world.

cOCKTails with Drones

An automated drone photo booth that can also make a cocktail.

Drones, robotics, and automated systems are quickly evolving into a canvas capturing people’s excitement. We set out to develop a series of experiences that demonstrated how to use automated robotics in entertaining and thought-provoking ways. 


We curated a cocktail hour and multi course meal the previous evening at Sotheby’s where we interpreted the dialogue between Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary artists through food, drink, service, and decor. 

One bar came alive in a fauvist explosion of color and floral intensity. Where the second bar was stark and crisp expression through overwhelming text. 

The conversation continue to the design of the table and service of them. Each course take a moment to describe a piece, artist, or movement only to be subsumed by the next dish and the progress through history.